Our Mission

To help military Veterans transition and find a career with purpose in the Medical Technology Industry through education, mentoring, and networking.

Our Vision

To build a bridge to help Veterans find meaningful employment in the Medical Technology Industry.

Making the medical technology field accessible to Veteran talent

Providing the bridge between Veteran talent and the medical technology fields

Mentor, support, and recareer Veterans into the medical technology, life sciences, and pharma industries

MedTechVets is Driven to Support Veterans

Our mission at MedTechVets is simple. To help military Veterans transition and find a career with purpose in the Medical Technology Industry through education, mentoring, and networking.

Veterans transitioning out of the military aren’t done serving — they want meaningful employment that provides a new challenge and purpose for their lives.

Companies want employees who are driven, loyal, and ethical.

MedTechVets helps Veterans explore and secure meaningful careers that match their strengths, skillset, and aspirations. We connect Veterans and employers to create dynamic teams and advancements in the MedTech and Life Sciences industries.

No Veteran should be left behind when it comes to transitioning into civilian careers – MedTechVets is providing the solution.

Founding MedTechVets

I am passionate about supporting MedTechVets because the organization allows the medtech industry to give back to Americans who have served their country, while providing the industry with employees who are leaders who want to continue to serve a purpose. The medtech industry has a noble purpose and helps patients all over the world. It is a win- win- win for the veterans, companies and patients.
Mike Minogue

CEO of Abiomed and Founder of MedTechVets

Founder’s Story

Over the Years


Describe the problem the founder/founders encountered or personally experienced.

“In 2012, Alex Gorsky, Executive Chairman of J&J, and I hosted a table of wounded warriors at an AdvaMed event. These veterans were unsuccessful in translating their military experience to civilian human resources hiring managers and many had no business network in the area where they wanted to live, after years of being deployed around the world serving their country. The origin of this program came from shared frustration among veterans in finding internships or job placement following military service. So, with the help of Alex and AdvaMed, I co-founded MedTechVets in 2012 for heroes transitioning to the civilian world. This program demonstrates the industry’s collaboration and commitment to providing the tools necessary for veterans to pursue successful roles in the medical technology field and allows veterans the ability to continue to serve a mission to help people.” – Mike Minogue

Through the years

What was the insight that sparked the start of

“Our insight was that the medtech industry is already home to thousands of military veterans who transitioned from service in the military to service to patients and caregivers. Many of these veterans have ascended to senior roles in the industry and desire to make “medtech the home for military veterans” transitioning into the civilian world.  There are many similarities in the roles because of the dedication to serve a mission 24×7 that helps people all around the world.” – Mike Minogue


What did the founders do as a result of their insights and
experiences to fix the problem?

“Based on feedback from veterans, we know there is sometimes a difficult path to accessing the knowledge and finding the network and opportunities in the medtech industry. We fixed the problem by leveraging the countless military veterans and network in medtech to create a program with access to industry executives, HR representatives and mentors. Once these veterans complete the MedTechVets’ intensive program, The Academy, we believe they will be strongly positioned for exciting, long-term careers in an innovative and growing industry. With this in mind, the medtech industry launched a program dedicated to recruiting the best qualified veterans seeking internships or full-time employment in the industry. This program provides a clearing house for those interested in joining the medtech space.” – Mike Minogue


New Board Chairman

Derek Herrera elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

MedTechVets transitioned to a virtual Academy platform.


What does MedTechVets Academy look like now?

“MedTechVets now offers veterans job-readiness training as well as ways to connect with fellow veterans both online and in-person at national events like the MedTech Conference. These offerings are designed to help veterans learn more about the medtech space and job functions, prepare veterans for meaningful civilian employment, and allows them to meet veteran mentors working within the industry which provides a network for full-time employment.” – Mike Minogue



of alumni secure jobs within 6 months of graduation.


of alumni recommend the MedTechVets Academy to their peers

Veterans Have Skillsets That Employers Need

MedTechVets was created because of the disconnect between Veterans’ skills and their ability to secure careers in the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device industries.

The military has equipped Veterans with skills that are highly valued in the corporate world. Teamwork, service, managing people, organization, delegation, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just a few of the areas where Veterans excel.

The problem doesn’t lie with the Veteran, it’s translating their experience and skillset into civilian language and also understanding the civilian corporate culture.

This is where the MedTechVets Academy steps in and provides a bridge and connection – creating positive outcomes for both employers and Veterans.

MedTechVets Provides Results

Our signature program, The MedTechVets Academy, provides training and mentorship that gets results. We are growth-oriented and plan to continue to expand our network and programs.

Program expansion allows us to equip more Veterans and have a greater impact on the world.

MedTechVets is Endorsed by AdvaMed and is Growing

The MedTechVets network continues to expand, and with focused, purposeful leadership we have no doubt we will continue to serve even more Veterans in the future.

MedTechVets has grown to include:

    • Over 100 Life Sciences and Medical Device partner companies
    • Hundreds of mentors
    • Thousands of Veterans

MedTechVets Needs Your Support

As a nonprofit organization, MedTechVets can only improve Veteran’s chances of securing their new career with the support of our corporate partners, community partners, mentors, and donors.

There are many ways to support Veterans through MedTechVets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MedTechVets Academy?

The MedTechVets Academy is a 7-week career transition and mentorship program. Veterans are trained in a variety of key areas to increase their success with job searching and interviewing.

Veterans are also paired with a mentor to assist them through the process and connected to industry leaders during networking conferences.

Click here to read more about the MedTechVets Academy.

Who can apply to the MedTechVets Academy?

Service members within 6 months of separation or honorably discharged from the military can apply.

We recommend applying early to start the process as academy cohorts fill quickly.

Apply to the Academy

How can our company partner with MedTechVets?

We are always open to expanding our partner network. We believe partnership is mutually beneficial – your support keeps our business running, and you have a steady pipeline of talented potential employees for your company.

Apply as a partner.

How can we support MedTechVets?

Thank you! We appreciate your support, large or small as it helps Veterans meet their goal of finding civilian careers. 

Please visit our support page for a full list of ideas.

Do you have another question? Contact us and we will get answers to you as soon as we can.