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Here’s how MedTechVets helped Veterans transition and secure their goal careers


Joe knew when he retired from the marines he needed to find a new career. He wanted something that challenged him and improved the lives of others. He wanted to work in MedTech, but he wasn’t exactly sure where or how to get started.

Joe fast-tracked his career transition by joining The MedTechVets Academy.

The military helps us transition, but nowhere near the expertise MedTechVets brought in. It was truly a fantastic program. Each and every week I learned something that I’ve applied into my own professional life.” He found a career that lined up with his skillset, was fulfilling, and met his income and impact goals — thanks in part to MedTechVets.

Joe Meisel

Associate Project Manager,
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Devin was a part of MedTechVet's very first Academy programming in 2020. He applied to sharpen his skills, presentation, and most importantly - grow his network. “Exposure is critical” he cites. “It's essential to grow your network, but it's more important to water your network. You have to be your biggest advocate.” The Academy helped Devin achieve his goals and gave him hope for what was to come. “The different sessions grew my network and expanded my awareness of the different types of roles and companies within the industry.” Devin met a recruiter from Biosense Webster while attending The MedTech Conference powered by AdvaMed. He was able to learn more about Biosense Webster from the recruiter and was able to have an inside referral source when he applied for the job.

Devin Owens

Clinical Account Specialist,
Biosense Webster


Savali is currently enlisted in the Air National Guard and heard about MedTechVets Academy through a Veteran that had just graduated from our program. She had a strong desire to enter the industry but didn’t know how or where to start. “Continue to utilize your resources that are around you. I am so thankful to have met the Mentors at MedTechVets Academy who offered sound advice and were always available. They truly care about us and helping us make that transition into the civilian sector.” Savali searched for a role that would allow her to work remotely, offer growth opportunities, allow for autonomy, and foster her own personal and professional goals. Shortly after graduating from our Winter 2022 Academy cohort, she was able to find all of that.

Savali Poti

Medical Licensing Specialist,
Goodside Health


Alvin applied for the Winter 2021 Academy shortly before his leave from the U.S. Army in hopes to expand his network, sharpen his skillsets, and find a role within the Medical Technology industry. Throughout his Academy experience, he was able to learn how to network, maintain relationships, develop a brand for himself, and learn the value he can bring to any organization. “I'm always conducting interviews even if I'm not interested in a job to keep my Interview skill skills sharp.” Alvin was able to leverage his networking skills and obtain a job that met all of his needs - a company mission and values he believed in, peace of mind within the company culture, and a salary that met his needs. He has his sights set on becoming a Vice President of a major company one day.

Alvin Fields

Operations Action Officer,
Aveshka, Inc


Thomas struggled to find an effective way to translate his experience from the Air Force to the corporate world. Initially, his main goal was to learn how to stand out from thousands of applicants in a competitive market. MedTechVets Academy taught him just that and more. “After graduating from MedTechVets, I was given the resources that helped me connect with other Veterans in the industry. I learned how to market my skill set and communicate effectively through Linkedin. In doing so, I accepted my first role as a Project Manager at Corden Pharma. I then maintained my network and was able to leverage my professional experiences which made me a competitive candidate for Amgen.” Thomas found a career with an organization that saw how useful his service was. From there he was able to obtain a job with Amgen. MedTechVets not only provides the tools for job search support but maintains those relationships throughout a lifetime, ensuring you have a network behind you in each of your transitions.

Thomas Bakos

Senior Marketing Associate,


David has a special story and was a part of the first Academy cohort in 2020. After graduating from the Academy, David was able to leverage his network and obtain a job in cybersecurity. He found himself in the position to be able to “give back” to the veteran community and has since signed up as a Mentor with MedTechVets.
After a successful military career in IT Operations Security, and finding a passion for leveraging Cybersecurity to protect commercial Intellectual Property and Revenue streams, the networking opportunities presented by MedTechVets enabled gaining a conversational foothold in the industry of focus. Meanwhile, the experiences gained along the way, combined with previous mentoring and ongoing career development, have enabled the ability to “give back” to MedTechVets through Mentoring.

David Samara

Senior Technical Project Manager,
RSI Security

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