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Jose Vasquez

"I really want to thank you for the wealth of knowledge you were willing to share regarding the medical industry and how to better prepare for entering it after I leave the military."

Green Beret, US Army Special Forces

Durward Page

“MedTechVets made a profoundly positive difference to me during my transition from the USMC. Personal mentoring and hugely valuable contact time with highly qualified experts is in a class all of its own.”


Matthew Sammons

“Last year, I attended the MedTechVets event hosted at The MedTech Conference. The information and network gained at this event enabled me to focus my career search on the right company and the right job. I am proud to announce that I have since been hired by Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Clinical Sales Consultant! I would like to say thank you to MedTechVets for their support and look forward to continuing my relationship with them in the future as a mentor assisting fellow veterans.”

Captain, US Army Reservers

Kathy Kerrigan

"I am so grateful for the inspiration, honest feedback, tools, and techniques that have led so far to my most successful interview and introduction to one of the leading fortune 500 companies in the U.S. Without MedTechVets and its staff, I would never have gotten the introductions and been exposed to such a fabulous company.”

Captain, US Navy

Brandon Mulrine

"The MedTechVets Career Workshop presented a clear picture of how my military experience and skills were applicable in the Life Science industry. B. Braun Medical, the leader in infusion therapy and pain management, hosted the workshop at their manufacturing facility in Allentown, PA. My attendance at this event was serendipitous; shortly after the workshop I was asked to interview and was hired by B. Braun as a Maintenance Supervisor."

Field Artillery Officer, US Army

Nathan Keough

“Thanks again for your time and help in providing insight and pointers on navigating my career search. It definitely got me where I needed to be.”

Nathan Keough

US Army

Devin Owens

“After completing the fellowship, I know what divisions interest me the most, and I have contacts at all of my target companies. The fellowship made my world smaller and has made navigating the various opportunities in medtech much more manageable.”

Devin Owens

U.S. Army

Katy Palis

“Even though I've worked in one form of healthcare or another for the past 18 years, the Academy opened my eyes to more career paths that I didn't even know existed and the people to try to make one a reality.”

Katy Palis

U.S. Army

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