The MedTechVets Academy

A seven-week program to accelerate your career transition to MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device industries hosted 4 times a year

The MedTechVets Academy

Providing the knowledge, tools, and network, so you can confidently enter the MedTech career of your choice.


The MedTechVets Academy — Networking Conference

The MedTechVets Academy concludes with an exclusive networking conference where you connect with leaders in the industry.

You’ve proven your integrity, intelligence, leadership skills, and capacity through your military service now it’s time to transition your career to the civilian world.

Your experience and accomplishments should carry over to civilian employment… but it’s turning out to be harder than you expected. You either don’t know where to go or you’re hitting constant roadblocks.

Many Veterans just like you struggle to find employment when entering the civilian workforce, despite having excellent skills and qualifications.

The problem isn’t the Veteran or the employers — it’s the culture gap between the two worlds. Your military rank, experience, and skills are not well understood by civilian recruiters or HR departments.

It’s like you’re speaking different languages — and you need an interpreter.

Civilian employers often don’t connect the description on your resume to the job qualifications they’re looking for. So your resume gets bypassed, leaving you or other highly qualified Veterans frustrated and unemployed — but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The MedTechVets Academy is your guide as you transition from military to civilian employment.

Most Veterans want, and need, employment. In fact, 95% of Veterans polled sought employment after separation and 46% of Veterans report having difficulty transitioning to civilian life after the military.1, 2

You also don’t want just any j-o-b.

You want a career with purpose, a mission, and a team so you can continue to impact the world as you support yourself and your family.

The MedTechVets Academy is a bridge between the military and your next mission civilian employment.

The MedTechVets Academy is a comprehensive career transition and mentorship program for Veterans who are within 6 months of separation from the military or honorably discharged. MedTechVets offers 4 Academy sessions a year – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

This program is designed to bring you from being overwhelmed and stuck in your post-military career search to being equipped and employed in the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industry of your choice. Best of all, you don’t need a medical background to apply!

You don’t have to do this alone — there’s a team to support you. The MedTechVets Academy is designed to move you forward with your mission.

When you have the right support and connections you’ll find your new career in an industry with advancement potential, defined teams, and meaningful outcomes.

What To Expect In The MedTechVets Academy

LinkedIn Strategy

Personal Branding


Job Search Planning

Mock Interviews

Career Exploration



Industry and Transition Support Team

Networking With Industry Leaders

The Academy is a 7-week, cohort-based program to support your career transition to the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries.

The Academy is much more than online content.

Your career readiness depends on access to relevant and timely information as well as experiences that set you up for success during job searching and interviewing in the civilian world. You’ll have a mentor to provide encouragement and 1:1 support to help you throughout the process.

You may already speak multiple languages, but we’re here to teach you the language of the civilian workforce so you can enter this new arena and clearly communicate the true depth of value you bring.

You have to make it easy for a hiring manager to understand the personal strengths and skills you bring to their company — we’re here to show you how.

When you graduate from one of the 4 Academies offered yearly, you’ll be prepared to navigate and succeed in this new career space.

Your Road to Career Transition with The MedTechVets Academy


Reintegrate into civilian life and establish connections outside of the military.

Apply for the Academy

Fill out an application and to start the three-step process to apply.

The Networking Conference

An exclusive conference to make industry connections.

MedTech Conference

Powered by AdvaMed with over 1,000 company leaders present.

Pay It Forward

After you’re established, serve fellow Veterans as a mentor or partner.

MedTechVets support continues beyond graduation and the networking conference.

MedTechVets provides an ongoing partnership as you continue your career transition. Plus, you’re a MedTechVets Academy alumni now – you’re part of the team.

Picture yourself at the following year’s alumni conference. You’ll be the one guiding, inspiring, and mentoring Veterans who are just beginning their career transition journey. You’ll be amazed at the growth and change that will happen within one year’s time.

You’ll be on the other side and able to provide encouragement and a living example that the hard work Academy participants are putting in now will result in a successful transition to a civilian career.

You continue to embody service, dedication, and purpose as a MedTechVet alumni.

MedTechVets Academy Graduates

Matt Schupp

“Thank you to MedTechVets for putting on a great Academy. Thank you to all the sponsor and participants for your great advice and guidance over the last 6 weeks. We got some great insight and knowledge about the industry. Really polished up our interviewing and presentation skills. It’s really going to be beneficial to us in the future”

U.S. Army

Joe Meisel

“The military helps us transition, but nowhere near the expertise MedTechVets brought in. It was truly a fantastic program. Each and every week I learned something that I’ve applied into my own professional life.”

U.S. Marine Corps

Devin Owens

“After completing the fellowship, I know what divisions interest me the most, and I have contacts at all of my target companies. The fellowship made my world smaller and has made navigating the various opportunities in medtech much more manageable.”

Devin Owens

U.S. Army

Michael Chapman

"MedTechVets played a key role in helping me get into Medical Device Sales. They trained and prepared me for interviews, paired me with a well-connected mentor, and offered continuing support during my journey. I have been in medical device sales for six years now and the entire trajectory of my life has changed. Mentoring is my way to clear a path for the veterans standing where I once stood."

U.S. Army

Katy Palis

“Even though I've worked in one form of healthcare or another for the past 18 years, the Academy opened my eyes to more career paths that I didn't even know existed and the people to try to make one a reality.”

Katy Palis

U.S. Army

David Samara

“"MedTechVets presents one of the few holistic, Mentee-focused, industry-specific, programs that I have found. It’s focus on the key principle of “network to a role” while equipping the transitioning Military member with a host of supportive transition strategies through active industry and alumni mentors, continues to present an invaluable awareness package that can be effectively leveraged to hiring success."”

U.S. Navy

Matthew Sammons

“Last year, I attended the MedTechVets event hosted at The MedTech Conference. The information and network gained at this event enabled me to focus my career search on the right company and the right job. I am proud to announce that I have since been hired by Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Clinical Sales Consultant! I would like to say thank you to MedTechVets for their support and look forward to continuing my relationship with them in the future as a mentor assisting fellow veterans.”

Captain, US Army Reservers

Savali Siko

“It’s been such a great and rewarding 6 weeks that has opened my eyes to all of the support that this program receives for veterans like myself. What I have definitely taken away from MedTechVets is to one, be confident with myself and my skills so that I can leverage all the experience that I’ve gained from the military in the last 8 years.”

U.S. Air National Guard

Chris Connor

"All in all this is an excellent program. It really helps veterans navigate a challenging process and it helps prepare veterans to be successful for their future careers. To everyone that helped make this possible, thank you”

Bobby Reece

"The people of MedTechVets organized a wonderful community of professionals and mentors who were eager to provide the tools and resources we needed to not only learn about the medical device and life sciences industries, but to be confident and successful in our search for the right role and company. I was ultimately successful in landing a job with my target company because MVP vets put me on the right path."

U.S. Navy

MedTechVets Alumni Networking Conference

At the end of the 6-week program, you’ll attend an exclusive networking conference for MedTechVets Academy graduates. Here you’ll make connections with representatives from partner companies and potential employers.

This is where you apply all the skills you’ve learned and expand your network in your new career industry. You’ll meet industry leaders, share your career aspirations, and make meaningful personal connections.

The networking conference isn’t a one way conversation. The agenda includes introductions and company overviews and breakout rooms for targeted conversations with Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Veteran Employee Resource group leaders. You’ll get your name and face in front of the right people to move your career forward.

This event marks the conclusion of your formal Academy program and the next step of your journey into the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries.

The connections you make at this networking conference are invaluable as you seek employment and advancements in this industry.

A strong network opens up opportunities you may not have known existed otherwise

Annual MedTech Conference powered by AdvaMed

As an alumni of The MedTechVets Academy, you receive invitations to join the MedTech Conference, powered by the AdvaMed Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). You’ll have the opportunity to connect with senior leaders and executives who are leading global medtech companies.

The annual conference agenda includes educational programming, distinguished keynote speakers and career networking opportunities.

This event draws more than 1,000 companies, making it an essential event for MedTechVets alumni.

Learn more about this career-accelerating event here.

MedTechVets Specific Veteran Career Transition Services

MedTechVets Career Academy is comprehensive, because transitioning your career into the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries is complex. Entering these industries isn’t as simple as calling a friend and asking them to give you a job now that you’re discharged.

Veterans Excel in MedTech and Life Sciences Fields.

Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, Coast Guard, or Space Force — whatever branch you served in, your military training cultivated skills that translate well into the corporate world. You don’t need to be a doctor or a scientist to succeed in the MedTech and Life Sciences Industries. There are positions in numerous areas of the medical sector that could benefit from your skillset and values. You don’t need to have experience in the medical industry to apply for our programming and locate employment! We will work with you to translate those skills you do have.


Here are just a few reasons Veterans succeed in the MedTech field.

Teamwork and Goal-Directed Action

As a Veteran, you’re well-versed in working within a team environment and working toward specific goals. You can take lofty goals and break them down into smaller, achievable goals for your team. Working toward and achieving goals is something you will continue to do in your MedTech career.

Service and Duty

Veterans are wired to make an impact. You’ve served your country and worked as part of an expansive network to improve the lives of others. You’ll be able to continue with this mentality in the private sector as you create, design, or deliver cutting-edge technologies and solutions to people who need them the most. You are purpose driven and won’t settle for a meaningless career.

Managing People

If you served as an officer, the bulk of your job was managing people with different backgrounds and ranks. This experience lends directly to project management, operations or any other management role in the medical device or biotech fields.

You can make strategic decisions in a timely manner and communicate effectively to your team, which makes you a natural fit for leadership positions within Medtech, Medical Device, Life Sciences, or Pharmaceutical companies.

Organization and Delegation

Being a leader in any field requires organization, strategy, and the ability to delegate to others and follow up on their progress. You’ve been doing this for years as an officer. Creating your team, setting clear expectations, and delegating tasks appropriately are similar in the corporate setting and the military.