How Companies Can Support Veterans

Written by Korinne Osterhoudt
How can companies support military veterans?

October 27th, 2023– How can companies support veterans? The simple answer–hire veterans.

The military has equipped Veterans with skills that are highly valued in the corporate world. Leadership, work ethic, adaptability, versatility, mission-oriented minds, problem-solving skills, loyalty, relationship-building skills, and a self-starter attitude are just a few of the areas where Veterans excel. Particularly, they are more likely to adapt to a role quickly and stay at a company for longer

The problem doesn’t lie with the Veteran, it’s translating their experience and skillset into civilian language and also understanding the civilian corporate culture.

“It feels as though the CEOs in prominent MedTech are preaching a great message about expanding the talent pool, but the industry is still lagging behind in best practices for hiring outside talent. As veterans, we continue to run into job postings that are overly credentialed and could use rewriting. This results in most of our applications being skimmed off by recruiters before we can be seen in person”

-Joshua Tallman, Navy Veteran & MTV Academy Fellow

The Potential for Veterans in the Med Tech Industry

The United States remains the largest medical device market in the world. The Medical Technology field as a whole includes nearly two billion jobs nationwide. Additionally, consumers continue to drive growth in this field as more people are living longer, desiring to remain independent, and asking for technology that helps them achieve their goals.

“The Medical Device field is projected to grow from $455.34 billion in 2021 to $657.98 billion in 2028.”

Regional Forcast, 2023-2030

These statistics demonstrate the ongoing growth and demand in these fields. Veterans can enter a thriving job market after career transition services. Breaking into the MedTech career fields increases their income and advancement potential, and assures they are supported as they continue to make a positive impact.

military veterans in and out of service

The Added Value of Hiring Veterans

We know the value Veterans bring to the workforce. With your support, we’re changing the statistics about Veteran employment and transition to civilian life.

  • 94% of MTV Academy graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating
  • 84% company retention rate – almost 30% above the national average

“Veterans have so many more working skills that we can bring to the table in a variety of meaningful ways. We enjoy leading it in our core but at the same time, companies need to see that we are learners, followers, and committed to the end result.”

-Daniel de la Torre, MTV ACademy Fellow

Supporting Veterans, Supports You

Veterans bring key transferable skills to the table you will seldom find in other candidates.

Hiring Veterans strengthens your brand and takes your corporate social responsibility one step further. It increases your diversity and inclusion with Veterans while also providing your company with well-suited employees.

Join one of the strongest communities in MedTech to support Veterans in their transition to civilian careers by signing up for our Membership Portal. Our portal features include: Job Board which allows you to post, view, and apply for jobs within the industry, Directory of all participating members, Exclusive Events, Partner Corner, Resource Library, Newsfeed Access, and real time collaboration.

With your membership, you will be supporting veterans as they find & continue their purposeful careers in MedTech while being part of a community.

Help us make an impact and change Veteran employment statistics. Donate to support our program or connect with us to get your company involved in hiring veterans!

About MedTechVets

MedTechVets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Veterans during career transition and

Our Vision is to build a bridge to help Veterans find meaningful employment in the Medical Technology Industry. We provide personalized career transition services, mentorship, and career development guidance. We serve Veterans who plan to enter the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries. MedTechVets is proud to be endorsed by Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed).

<span>WRITTEN BY </span>Korinne Osterhoudt

WRITTEN BY Korinne Osterhoudt

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