MedTechVets Summer 2022 Networking Conference

Written by Korinne Osterhoudt

SEPTEMBER 1– On August 23rd, MedTechVets held its Summer Networking Conference to mark the end of our Summer Academy. This conference, we were lucky to be joined by 42 individuals, always with the same goal–to build a bridge to help military veterans successfully transition to meaningful civilian careers.

It’s great to feel supported on your journey”.

Shawn Tillman, Summer 2022 fellow

Companies in attendance included: ISA, PPD, Neogenomics, Amgen, Philips, Teleflex, Abbott, Baxter, Reprieve Cardio, Randstad, Agile Search, Alto Neuroscience, Abiomed, RSI Security, Edwards, Stryker, and Intuitive

Inside the Conference!

Our virtual Networking Conference is an opportunity for our graduating Veteran fellows and Academy Alumni to interact and network exclusively with our corporate sponsors, in addition to our community partners, and industry representatives from leading Med Tech, Bio Tech, Pharma, and Life Science companies.

This conference, we provided three breakout rooms, where our attendees could separate into smaller groups because they foster targeted conversations. These smaller sessions give our fellows a great platform to utilize the skills and techniques they learned throughout our 7-Week Academy while marketing themselves effectively to find career success. 

In one of our breakout sessions, MTV Mentor John Ahn from Stryker, provided excellent advice on his personal career transition, connecting the dots to how he found his perfect fit in sales. Ahn offered to connect with anyone who was in the room that wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with him. 

Edwards Lifesciences representatives, Jim Anderson and Mike Peterson discussed the veteran initiatives available at Edwards. They also offered advice on how to network into a role and the best practices when interviewing/looking for employment. 

Sydney from Baxter mentioned how she was hesitant about working for a large company after her friend helped her find her job within Baxter. She found herself quickly proven wrong, when she learned about Baxter’s inclusive environment and urged our fellows to look at job hunting in the industry with an open mind and perspective.

During our other breakout session, we saw a connection between Veteran fellow Shawn Tillman and Oscar Mier from Alto Neuroscience. They discussed Tillman’s background with Veteran mental health and plan to connect post conference.

Wrapping Up!

At the end of the evening, we asked everyone in attendance to let us know how they were feeling from everything they heard and learned throughout the conference. Some of their responses included: “Grateful”, “Supported”, “Energized”, “Optimistic”, and “Appreciated”.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer 2022 Networking Conference and to our 2021 Company Sponsors who made it possible. We’re excited to kick off another Fall Academy with a new cohort of Veteran fellows. With each new Academy and Conference we are able to make connections, open employment pathways, spread our mission, and support our veterans.

About MedTechVets

MedTechVets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Veterans during career transition and beyond.

Our Vision is to build a bridge to help Veterans find meaningful employment in the Medical Technology Industry.

We bridge the gap for Veterans by providing personalized career transition services, mentorship, and career development guidance. We serve Veterans who plan to enter the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries.

MedTechVets is proud to be endorsed by Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed).

When a Veteran’s military skills and experiences are translated to civilian language, recruiting managers see the benefits of hiring a qualified Veteran. Veterans are able to see the roles within the MedTech, Medical Device, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical industries that would best suit their skill set and career aspirations.

MedTechVets Academy is a specialized program that provides more than generic advice about transitioning into medical-related career fields.

If you would like to learn more information about MedTechVets, please go to our page

<span>WRITTEN BY </span>Korinne Osterhoudt

WRITTEN BY Korinne Osterhoudt

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