Welcome New Board Member: Jeanne Miller

Written by Korinne Osterhoudt
MedTechVets New Board Member Jeanne Miller.

NOV 14thWe were proud to interview and welcome new MedTechVets Board Member, Jeanne Miller. She is the Area Vice President of Sales for Biosense Webster, a division of Johnson & Johnson MedTech and a proud wife and mother of four.

Jeanne began her service in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Aviation Supply Officer after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. She received her MSBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business. After her time in the Marine Corps, Jeanne joined Biosense Webster, a leader in treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with the mission to cure Atrial Fibrillation. She has worked in various capacities at Biosense including: R&D engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt mentor, sales representative, contract director and a sales leader.

“I believe that success is synonymous with a life well-lived. In my career I find profound satisfaction in making a positive impact on others. My ultimate aspiration is to empower others to realize their full potential and thrive. I’m delighted to partner with MedTechVets to help veterans do just that.”

Why are you excited about joining MedTechVets?

I’m excited to join MedTechVets! I believe the organization serves a very important mission in aiding veterans in their career transitions and in finding fulfilling work in the MedTech space.  I’ve been impressed by the passionate engagement of the MedTechVets team and the veteran cohorts.  Serving among the esteemed members of the board of directors will be an honor.  

What (if any) obstacles did you face during your transition or career and how did your background help you push past those challenges? 

Transitioning out of the military can be a significant life change. Similar to fellow veterans, I faced the challenge of adjustment to civilian life and finding meaningful work. Reaching out to fellow veterans who had successfully transitioned provided me valuable guidance and support that I needed at that time.

 “The Marine Corps prepared me well for this work by instilling in me discipline, leadership skills, and a strong sense of duty, all of which continue to guide me in my career”

Any advice for Veterans?

As you prepare for your transition from military service, it’s essential to maintain an open mind, persistence, and patience. Throughout your journey, focus on learning the language of the industry you aim to enter. Work to translate your military experiences into terms that resonate with that market. And, of course, reach out to MedTechVets for support!

How do you define success?

I believe that success is synonymous with a life well-lived.  In my career I find profound satisfaction in making a positive impact on others. My ultimate aspiration is to empower others to realize their full potential and thrive. I’m delighted to partner with MedTechVets to help veterans do just that. 

“I am grateful for the opportunities that have been bestowed on me and strive to give back through service to others and my country.”

Pick your next vacation, where would you go and why?

I am eager to explore the Grecian Islands. My husband and I enjoy traveling to new lands and exploring cultural traditions and historic sites of those lands. Greece has so much to offer and also presents beautiful vistas which I imagine are even more majestic first-hand.  

If you could recommend one book for others to read, what would it be and why?

“Grit,” by Angela Duckworth is one book I’d recommend.  It explores the vital qualities that underlie success, through the unique combination of passion and perseverance.  Learning to cultivate grit will help transitioning veterans overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and find deeper meaning and satisfaction along the way.  

Interested in connecting with Jeanne?

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MedTechVets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Veterans during career transition and beyond. Our Vision is to build a bridge to help Veterans find meaningful employment in the Medical Technology Industry.

We bridge the gap for Veterans by providing personalized career transition services, mentorship, and career development guidance. We serve Veterans who plan to enter the MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Device industries.

MedTechVets is proud to have the endorsement of Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed).

When a Veteran’s military skills and experiences are translated to civilian language, recruiting managers see the benefits of hiring a qualified Veteran. Veterans are able to see the roles within the MedTech, Medical Device, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical industries that would best suit their skill set and career aspirations.

MedTechVets Academy is a specialized program that provides more than generic advice about transitioning into medical-related career fields.

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<span>WRITTEN BY </span>Korinne Osterhoudt

WRITTEN BY Korinne Osterhoudt

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