VIDEO: Why Veterans Should Consider a Career in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries

Written by Roshni Kasturi

Victoria Hathaway, MedTechVets (formerly MVPvets) Operations Manager, recently had the opportunity to engage with Roshni Kasturi, a thought leader in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, about why veterans should consider a career in this ever-growing industry, some relevant job functions and the necessary skills needed for them.

Roshni is highly respected in the industry for her experience and insight in regulatory affairs, clinical, and medical safety. She is also recognized as a prominent member of the industry in navigating new regulations and standards, helping manufacturers bring their drugs and devices towards compliance.

According to Roshni, soft skills are invaluable, and so is a dedication to continuous learning. She also talks about the satisfaction that comes from working for manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals where the products are designed, developed, and monitored continuously to improve the health and safety of the users.

Now, more than ever, medical devices and pharmaceuticals are crucial during the pandemic. It’s this technology that is on the front line of fighting COVID-19 – from diagnostic tests to vaccine discoveries, and all that comes between like ventilators, and personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks, face shields, respirators, gowns, and gloves. It is the daily advances being made in medical device technology, and their contribution to the crisis, that brings us hope for a return to normalcy.

Join the hundreds of thousands of professionals who are making a meaningful difference by exploring a career in this rapidly expanding industry.

See More of the Interview with Roshni Kasturi:

What is required to do design and development in the medical device industry? Are you limited to a science background?
What is the regulatory function?
What jobs are there for someone without a science degree?
What role do soft skills play during the job hunt?

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<span>WRITTEN BY </span>Roshni Kasturi

WRITTEN BY Roshni Kasturi

Roshni is a Senior Consultant and a thought leader in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. She works with various clients to assist them with their compliance and safety requirements. She is also a contributing mentor with MedTechVets.

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